pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 12th May 2012
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Looking up the Ciste T-bar later in the afternoon.

Approach to the M1 Poma was baseless and fairly trashed late in the day, but still passable.

Going up the Cas T-bar in the afternoon. Fiacaill was great all afternoon.

Things people do for first tracks on a powder day!

Ciste Bowl Motorway - gully caught a lot of snow in the drifting over the previous 2 days.

Upper Cas in good condition, Boulderfield offering fun riding.

View up the White Lady after exiting the East Lady late morning.

East Lady getting tracked up by late morning. Fab top 2/3rds, slightly heavy lower down from the off.

Groomer on the Ptarmigan Ridge was sweet, possible to escape to East Lady here if top queues looked long.

Looking back to the Ptarmigan Tow with the Marquis Well beyond. Scoured snow on ridgeline hopefully in Ciste Mhearaidh!

Ptarmigan Restaurant from the ridge line above the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Correctly feeding the T-bar in, please use the lifts properly - we nearly didn't have the M1 Poma today because of misuse on Thursday.

Looking out the Ptarmigan Ridge from the top of the T-bar.

Ptarmigan Tow mid morning on Saturday, had to remind yourself it was 12th of May!

The law being laid down about the Cas Headwall and main pitches of Coronation Wall.

Combat skiing to the Daylodge via the Carpark Run at the end of the day.

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12th May 2012 will be remembered as CairnGorm Mountain's aMAYzing Saturday after over a foot of fresh over the preceding 48hours gave way to blue skies on Saturday morning.

If your liking the look of the pix and thinking Sunday here we come - sadly the forecast is for triple digit gust speeds on the 13th. Please check the latest info in the morning.

Above 2800 to 3000ft depending on aspect the mountain has blanket cover. Top Basin has ride anywhere cover, possible to ski the groomer on the Ptarmigan Ridge, cross the Bowl, Fairway and onto the White Lady by Lady Luck or the East Lady. Top queues were generally heavier than mid-mountain, the M1 queue was pretty short and moving very swiftly once the Cas opened.

Mid Mountain the Cas side runs are in great nick for most of their length, but cover does thin out approaching the mid-station level and the approaches to the M1 Poma were pretty worn by the end of the day with no base around the foot of the Poma. But it was still ski onto the Poma unlike just 48hours before.

Inevitably with the strength of the Sun the snowpack progressively softened up pm, but continued to ski nicely were pisted or heavily skier packed, but lightly tracked snow became hardwork and untouched fresh snow became very sticky and slow. White Lady, M1 and Fiacaill having been pisted and well used were riding nicely through the afternoon mid mountain. Snow stayed fresher up top.

Those willing to hike were rewarded with fresh tracks later into the day on the Ciste side. Check with patrol before going beyond the officially opened terrain. SAIS report considerable avalanche risk on all aspects at higher elevations.

A combat ski to near the Daylodge bridge rounded of a remarkable day of mid May freshies.
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