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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 22nd May 2012
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Ciste Bowl, keep skiers right of the burn lower down.

Boarder hitting the flat-down box in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl from the Ptarmigan Ridge.

Helen heading for the Top Station on the Ptarmigan Traverse.

The Traverse still loaded, but Cas and Boulderfield got the hairdrier treatment overnight.

End of the road in the Gunbarrel, hopefully mid-stops will be back on tomorrow.

Launching of a box in the Park.

Dancefloor box in the Park.

Railslide on the flat box in the Terrain Park.

Get down and boogie on the dancefloor...

Loch Morlich from the top of the Ciste T-bar.

Ciste Fairway mostly fence to fence, some narrow bits approaching the t-bar.

Grab in the Park.

Ice Cream was a scarce resource in the Ptarmigan Restaurant after yesterday!

Ptarmigan Ridge still has vast coverage, best between the markers as was getting more traffic.

A fine day for learning with soft forgiving snow.

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A very warm Monday saw little snow loss in light winds, but an unforecast and unwelcome hairdrier popped up overnight sadly with the result more was lost overnight than during the whole of Monday.

However, the Top Basin is holding up well, just a couple of narrow bits approaching the Ciste Tow, uptrack itself in good shape. Wind was moderating on Monday evening.

Surprisingly variable snow around the Top Basin, Ciste Fairway was more spring like and much faster than the Ptarmigan Bowl which was the slowest.

The Ptarmigan Ridge has a bit more gradient to overcome the soft snow, best between the markers where more people were riding.

Mid Mountain took the most obvious hit from the unannounced hairdrier, unfortunately funneling down Coire Cas which is now broken. However, the M1 RaceTrack was a very pleasent suprise having by far the best and quickest snow on the mountain out via Horizon Road. Mid Station stops planned for Wed.

The Traverse is loaded, but upper Cas broken below halfway. However the Fiacaill Traverse and Fiacaill Runs are complete to the end of the top Zig Zag.

Route to Coronation Wall from top of Ptarmigan Tow still complete. Third of the way down the Gunbarrel or end of the top Zig via the Fiacaill is the end of the snow. Walk required from there, but worth it if the M1's snow is as nice tomorrow.

Summer is setting up camp in the Highlands, hit the 'Gorm while you still can.
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