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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 26th May 2012
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To the park with 3 boxes, 3 rails and a few wee bumps and rollers.

Looking up the top of the Fairway.

Launching onto the down rail.

Busy lifty running up and down his pile of snow to fetch the t-bars.

Shaping a kicker out of a bank of snow on the farside of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Why the Ciste Tow was loading halfway.

Boarder rail slide.

Preparing for touchdown!

Railside in the park.

Hitting the longer down rail.

Flat-down wide box in the park.

Boarder hits the flat-down box.

Top of the Ciste Fairway, started a machine width, ended just enough for one person!

Skier on the Fairway.

Top of the Fairway mid morning. Hope he had good sunblock on!

Ptarmigan Restaurant from the edge of the Fairway snow.

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That is all for the lift served 2012 Scottish Season, but be sure to join us for the Winterhighland Mid Summer Slide on the back of CairnGorm Mountain on Saturday 23rd June and the Main Basin, Glencoe on Sunday 24th June. Put the dates in your diary and see forum for more details nearer the time.

The shades, suncream and sense of humour were essential, but maybe the waterwings and innertubes were't quite as essential as feared. The season drew to a close with a fun day messing about on the Ciste Fairway under blazing Sun while 100s sunbathed by Loch Morlich.

There were 3 boxes, 2 short advanced rails (cause if you messed up it would have been painful) and one longer down rail in the mini park.

The very top of the Fairway started out as a machine width, by mid afternoon there was a single line through the top section with shallow slushy berms, which were surprisingly quick! Only in Scotland as they say and there was no doubt this was closing day, a constant shoveling of snow and trying redirect meltwater was required on the Ciste uptrack.

So a big thank you to all the staff who made it possible to have one last laugh in the Sun to wrap up the season. We didn't quite make it to June, which would have been almost fitting for such a bizarre season, but I'm not sure too many will mind if this past week has been a taste of the Summer to come in Highland Scotland!

See you after the Summer Solstice has past at either CairnGorm or Glencoe, or both for the really keen and if not then hopefully next season's not too long away.
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