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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Monday 4th June 2012
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A skier in a hurry before the last of the snow melts?

Remaining snow on Meall a' Bhuiridh viewed from the bottom of the Plateau track.

Setting up a hang-glider at the top of the Access Chair.

Temporarily rigged up temperature screen at the top of the Main Basin.

New anemometer and new hut signage on the SSC Hut at the top of the Cliffhanger.

The runout from the Spring Run.

Interesting snow patch in Island Rock Gully.

Looking up the Main Basin.

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Some photos of the remaining snow on Meall a' Bhuiridh taken on the 3rd and 4th June from a couple of days working on the webcams and weather stations, and supporting network infrastructure - and lugging the required gear up and down the mountain!

A new wifi bridge was completed between the Rescue Station and the top of the Access Chairlift, to make the SSC Hut cam more reliable and allow Ski Patrol access to Facebook to play farmvile, err I mean to upload pix and updates from the mountain.

A new anemometer was installed for the SSC Hut weather station, which is now fully operational again. The Ski Club have been busy with the outside of the hut painted and new signage erected.

At the top of the mountain the webcam was straightened up, the computer and timer switch changed to BST and the digital thermometer now has a radiation screen again (the whole weather station mounting blew away...).

Network issue that was causing intermittent issues for the Access 2200 camera were also resolved. Webcams are updating from before 4am till after 10.30pm at this time of year if you need a check on the weather at an ungodly hour!
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