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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 28th April 2012
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RAF Seaking flies over the M1 Poma.

Hitting the flat-down in the park jam.

Evlis is alive, I seen him on the 'Gorm!

Lots or prizes getting chucked out in the Ptarmigan Park.

Rail slide on the flat-down box.

Not sure what this tricks called?

Sound System blasting out the tunes and commentary on the park antics.

Funicular heads for the Tunnel.

That is first tracks in the Aonach Bowl.

Huge scope for high level touring in the Cairngorms just now.

Riders high above the M1 Poma making for Coronation Wall.

Top Basin in the best shape of the season, ride anywhere.

Stairway to Heaven or in this case to the top of the 'Gorm and Coronation Wall.

Kicker on the Ciste Fairway.

Finishing touches to the Ptarmigan Terrain Park (migrated to Fairway).

Tracked out, but now sweet skier packed snow above the Traverse.

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Weekend Video Report

I doubt that many thought they would see a day like this in the 2012 season back in March, but CairnGorm Mountain served up an epic day on Saturday and the forecast is for a wee bit more Sun on Sunday.

On that note, don't forget the high factor sunblock and the shades, the Sun is as strong this weekend as it is mid August and the snow greatly amplifies the effect - quite a few lobsters around in the afternoon.

The Upper Mountain and much of the middle is in the best condition of the season, more or less ride anywhere above 2800ft. The more easily accessible stuff from the lifts has gone through the tracked out stage into sweet skier packed snow. But there are still fresh tracks to be had within the snowsports area, esp if your prepared to put in a little leg work. People were gradually working they further out the ridge onto the upper East Wall and the Aonach Bowl had a little visited stash.

The stuff groomed tonight, White Lady, M1 RaceTrack, Traverse, 105, Zig Zags and Top Basin should all set up beautifully for the morning.

Terrain Park lunchtime Jam and Dual Slalom are on again tomorrow, see www.cairngormmountain.com for details. It was busy and the Cas carparks were as rammed as it's possible for them to be, there is an hourly bus service from Aviemore to the mountain.

See you on the hill Sunday. A great fun day, but please open the Cas Ski Tow tomorrow.
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