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Glenshee // Tuesday 21st January 2020
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Patchy snow on the Tiger.

The Back Passage or more politely the Home Run from the A93.

Glas Maol Poma from the A93, there is a more or less complete base on the gully runs, fingers crossed it survives till new snow arrives!

Looking up to Thunder Bowl from Carpark, Cairnwell T-bar beyond Triple Chair.

Sunnyside is grim and almost devoid of snow, but there is a partial base further up and out.

Dink Dink is full width with machine made snow for those advancing from the rope tow.

Looking over the Rope Tow beside the Dink Dink to Sunnyside.

Plastic Slope Poma and Run, new snow factory pile building at the top of the slope.

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Glenshee were closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday as pre booked ski school groups meant the limited novice area on machine made snow was at capacity.

Check direct with the centre for the situation on Wednesday morning to avoid a potential wasted trip. The Dink Dink Poma and Rope Tow beginner area has full width cover of machine made snow between the fences so is providing a decent learning area and Glenshee has experienced much better overhead than the West this week.

Plastic Slope Poma run and tow track are complete, though some thin bits. New piles of snow factory snow being accumulated at the top, so this should be better for the weekend and provides a bit more gradient for those advancing from the nursery area below.

Sunnyside is all but devoid of snow, but further up and out there is something of a base, more so as one goes out onto Glas Maol. Given Glenshee will avoid the really dreich muck plaguing the West Coast and winds should be lighter over the next couple of days hopefully most the patchy base will last through. It would there for not take a massive amount of snow for the Shee to spring into action, and it looks as if snow should gradually accumulate through storm cycles from this weekend into next week.

Watch this space!
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