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Glencoe // Sunday 23rd February 2020
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Plateau Poma Run at the end of the day, full width cover groomed fresh on a consolidated base.

Bluebird end of the day, Monday could be a howler or a nonstop freshies day.

Upper section of the low level Red Access Run late in the afternoon.

Sledge Park has full cover of handpicked snow with some fresh on top, sledges were going fast on Sunday!

The Canyon is loaded and was catching windblown fresh all afternoon.

Now enough snow piled up for a road around the bottom of the Rannoch Button!

Looking out from the upper side wall of the Canyon which was the run of the day all day.

Around 1700ft on the low level Red Access Run, fresh on a grippy base at this level.

Even around carnage corner probably skiable. Last 20% thin / combat, but could firm up for fresh to lie on tomorrow.

Wall was also catching windblown fresh.

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A frustrating morning as squall after squall came up the Glen, but it did mean new snow was accumulating and eventually those who hung around long enough were rewarded with the wind finally easing enough behind a big lunchtime cell to allow uplift to open around 1pm.

Too windy for the Plateau Poma meant a short hoof over to the Coire Pollach Tow. Wall T-bar was open and after some further storm recovery work the Main Basin T-bar came on. Wall had some great fresh tracks, but the pick of the day by some distance was the Canyon which was catching windblown fresh all day.

The greens on the Plateau groomed up in good shape with machine packed fresh on a firm base, Old Mugs Alley the best option for novices to early intermediates.

With rain at all levels on Friday the base is sold and there were some exposed areas on the upper mountain where fresh snow was being scoured off, but the Main Basin and Happy Valley are pretty decent. Top of the Spring Run is glacial until properly in then it was catching fresh nicely.

Still possible to ride to Carpark level via the low level Red Access Run and the Dark Side. Top 3/4s of the Red Access Run in good shape with fresh snow on a grippy base, even Carnage Corner was eminently skiable today. Bottom most section somewhat combat, thin softening skier packed snow but skiable back to the chair via the wee bridge over onto the dry slope!

Skies clearing at dusk so the thin snow low down should crisp up, then if it catches the fresh in the morning could be good riding to base later Monday.

A storm is coming in, exact track will be key - significant snowfall expected in the Highlands, particularly the West but where the eye of the storm tracks will determine whether uplift can run. Indications, but not definite that the West will be in the 'eye' of the storm after strong SE winds early (less severe at Glencoe).
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