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Glencoe // Monday 24th February 2020
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Some periods of heavy snow in a day of near constant snowfall.

The low level Red Access Run was worth repeating, there was some definition in the light at this level!

Snow fell to below the base of the Access Chairlift from before dawn till after dusk.

Getting quite deep on the Plateau now with the fences out of sight in spots.

Great cover mid-mountain around the foot of the Cliffhanger. Canyon has been the pick last couple of days.

No shortage of snow for sledging!

Old Mugs Alley the best option for snowplough turners, Coire Pollach Tow is much more gentle than the Poma!

The Access Return is loaded, keep in mind these fences sit on top of banks for a good bit of the way!

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Well it was not a day for trying to win any photographic awards and even trying was pretty pointless on the upper mountain! The good news though is it snowed without letting up all day and somewhere close to a foot / 30cm of new snow has fallen on the mountain, a bit less towards the base (both less intense precipitation and denser snow).

Some of the gullies and features mid-mountain are disappearing, there is huge cover around the base of the Cliffhanger and Mugs Alley and Old Mugs Alley are loaded, the later pretty much flat out from the fence in places and it sits up on a bank.

There's fantastic cover now on most of the mountain and as well as more snow this evening and in showers on Tuesday morning, there should be some spells where you can actually see the snow too! Limited exploring due to time and visibility but the consolidated base extends down to around 1500ft, with fresh snow lying to below the base of the Access Chair so as well as the fenced low level Red Access Run, the Dark Side and Weasel Gully likely to be seeing action Tuesday.

It's not that often you can notch up 2400ft of lifted vertical in Scotland so bag it while you can this week.
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