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Glencoe // Wednesday 4th March 2020
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The foot of Weasel Gully at just 1500ft, various routes to base of the Access Chair at 1200ft!

Got a good sleeping bag? Camping is free at Glencoe during the snowsports season!

Taking a breather on the Blue Access via the Weasel Track - beware of the drops if coming down the gully!

Investing in your pleasure, the new triple chair towers all installed on the Plateau during first summer of construction last year.

Lower East Ridge and Ba Bowl - you can go along way below the military road col, its over a 4 mile hoof from Ba Cottage to the Carpark via the WHW though!

The Rescue Shed reveals the depth of snow that had to be shifted to run the Main Basin T-bar this week.

Far out beyond Rankins Return on the Plateau, some pockets of windblown but some crusty areas too. Fly still closed, East Ridge seeing some action but speak to patrol.

Looking down the Main Basin and Tow.

Sun on Creag Dubh looking over the Darkside from the Access Chair - yes much of this is below the top of the access lift!

Base of the Plateau Poma, that fence is up on a bank!

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Wind has rather plagued this season, particularly weekends and unfortunately the forecast is on a downwards trajectory for the weekend (or rather the wind forecast is on an upwards one)...

With summit to moor riding now having been possible for over 3 weeks there is now consolidated cover to the base of the fenced Red Access, ski anywhere cover extends well below the top of the Access Chair and there is wide cover on the Darkside, Weasel Gully loaded to 1500ft, various routes back to just 1200ft.

So the message is simple with light winds and sunny spells with 2400ft of lifted vertical, come and get some of this action on Thursday or Friday. Find a reason to not be at work!

Snow is still fairly fresh though largely skier packed on the upper mountain, Plateau has some crusty areas far out beyond Rankins Return, but this elevation is still grooming up to hero snow. Some softening of snow by day on the low level access runs mean the snow will be firm below the top of the Access Chair first thing, but loosen up to granular spring snow.

On the mountain the named runs are becoming somewhat meaningless as things merge into one big white playground, with lots of terrain features coming into play it is like a big natural terrain park to go out and explore. Excellent terrain for all ability levels with the full spectrum of green, blue, red and black runs available.

For returning to low levels the fenced Red is the most consistent with decent cover through even Carnage Corner. Darkside has so many options, but speak to patrol for updates if going beyond the Black Access Run. Weasel Gully is loaded and the road is pisted, to around 1500ft, below there from the Blue or Weasel Gully drop just below the track and pick a line or follow the red bike track back to base (its narrow and technical and speed will build on some of the berms)!
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