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Glencoe // Monday 10th February 2020
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Brief brighter interlude between the showers looking up the Coire Pollach Tow, notice the cornice building along Old Mugs Alley!

Sledge Park at the Plateau Cafe has been drifting in nicely.

Good cover of snow on the dry mat for lessons at low level if it remains windy up the mountain.

Looking over the snowy carpark and hobbit houses.

Snow man at the hobbit houses.

Another snow shower coming through.

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Snow falling to below the base at Glencoe all day on Monday with a temperature of -4°c at the Rescue Station at 2800ft. Squally convective snow showers continue to pile in as dusk approaches and radar returns indicate between 22 to 28cm of level snow has fallen on the mountain - that's approx 9-11 inches, but level it won't be as high winds have continued.

No uplift run on Monday and if anything the forecast is for a slight increase in general wind speeds on Tuesday, these being highest just ahead of the squally convective snow showers.

There is uncertainty as to how quickly a ridge of high pressure will begin to nudge in on Wednesday, it could be that the wind moderates quick enough in the morning to allow some lift served riding with a delayed start. However given some of the ferocious gusts that have been coming through the base over the past couple of days there is likely to be a considerable amount of storm recovery and prep work once staff get up the mountain.

Keep a watching brief on the forecasts, since yesterday evening there has at this stage been decent agreement for a transient ridge of high pressure to give a fine day with little or no wind on Thursday in the West Highlands!

Start making tentative plans! And if you are checking these pix before dusk or after first light Tuesday check the webcams - last images around 5.30pm first around 7.30pm.
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