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Glencoe // Friday 28th February 2020
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Yay! More snow...

The erm view of the Main Basin.

Huge depth at the top of the Access Chair, over to the Poma.

Fair to say there's plenty of snow for sledging!

Follow the Weasel Track from the fence line for the Blue Access. The fence line is graded Red and progressively steepens from this point!

Old Mugs Alley is briming, that fence on the left sits on top of a bank with a gully in the middle!

Looking up the Plateau Poma.

Please don't park in the centre of the main carpark overnight when snowy - only in the row nearest micro lodges and around the overflow. This greatly assists snow clearing in the morning.

Looking into Ski Tow Gully from the Haggis Trap! Think about that...

Low level Red Access Run in good condition to base at just 1200ft.

Looking over the Access Chair to the Darkside from the Red Access Run.

Snowed most of the day on Friday.

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It snowed virtually all day on Friday though with a slightly fluctuating temperature, which meant the snow was wetter at times at the carpark at 1200ft. This means a further improvement in cover at the bottom of the low level Access Runs which was packing down with use and there is now good cover to 1200ft with ride anywhere cover on the top half of the Access Chair.

On the mountain its difficult go get a picture of how much snow has stuck on the mountain because it was snowing so hard the visibility was very limited almost all day Friday, but the photo of Ski Tow Gully from 'in' or more appropriately on top of the Haggis Trap in the Main Basin is a good indication!

Wind from the SE quadrant was moving some snow back the opposite way from previous days and this helped to cover up some of the remaining hard patches where that had been some wind scouring high up.

This evening as the precipitation clears a temporary temperature inversion will set up as milder air spills in aloft, as skis clear, a frost could occur at low levels. Thus when the next frontal precipitation arrives in the middle of the night it will be a messy mix of snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain for a period before colder air digs back in pre dawn. Indications are the temperature will drop steadily through Saturday morning towards -5 or possibly -7°c at Munro Level by lunchtime.

There is significant uncertainty about wind speeds in the West Highlands from Storm Jorge as the worst winds may be to the South of the Highlands. Please check for updates regularly AM.

If arriving at Glencoe overnight, please don't park in the middle rows of the main carpark as this significantly delays snow clearing and will result in an early wake up call if the plough crew need to shift vehicles. Please park towards the permitter of the overflow carpark or in the row adjacent to the Hobbit Houses (but keep a lane clear between parking and the Hobbit Houses for traffic to flow around the carpark permitter).
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