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Glenshee // Wednesday 12th February 2020
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Fresh corduroy with a bit of leg work from the top of Butcharts Access Poma.

The A93 heading North towards the Cairnwell Pass.

Looking over the Cairnwell T-bar to Carn Aosda from the Claybokie.

Sun blazing down over Glenshee as seen from the Butchart's Access run.

Snow has piled onto the flank of the Cairnwell that contains the Race Tracks round to Butcharts.

Looking over Butcharts Coire from high on Carn Aosda. Note the huge wind lips and bulging snow cover in the lee of the ridge!

The flank of Carn Aosda looking loaded in the Sun. Great conditions for learning on the Dink Dink and Rope Tow area.

The Cafe looking suitably wintry!

Run back to the base of the Baddoch Chair, makes it easy to move around the Cairnwell side.

Looking up the Claybokie Poma from the Baddoch Chair.

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There was plenty of snow on nearly all the Cairnwell side runs, generally East/NE aspects have caught by far the most snow. While Westerly aspects of Sunnyside and Meall Odhar look wind scoured.

Huge amounts of snow have accumulated on lee aspects of the Cairnwell, which mean the RaceTracks and the area between then and then round to Butcharts Coire has huge cover of drifted snow.

Full spectrum of terrain from novice learning areas to red and black available weather permitting on the Cairnwell side. Plastic Slope and Dink Dink in great shape thanks to previous snow making meaning there is a good base below the new snow.

For longer runs Butcharts Coire off the Access Poma and the RaceTracks are looking top notch. A bit of hoofing from the top of the Access Poma got the fresh corduroy on the Carn Aosda fenced red.

Thanks to Ski Cadets & Where Stags Roar for the photos. If you have been out on the slopes please email pix to pix2020 at Winterhighland dot info .
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