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Nevis Range // Thursday 5th March 2020
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Summit Tow up and running after digging out the drive.

Going up the Goose T-bar.

Heading for home late afternoon on the Rabbit Run.

Mist came down on the Summit during flurries - which was each time I was above the Goose!

Huge expanse of snow from the Allt Sneachda out beyond Far West to the foot of the Quad Chair as seen from the Home Run traverse to Rabbit Run.

Looking down the Goose T-bar, huge cover to the foot of the Quad.

Total cover across from Sidewinder to the T-bar.

Various easy features out by the Linnhe Button.

Yockies and the Alpha uptrack are loaded - new rail fences greatly improved the snow catching here.

Looking over to the Quad Chair.

Novice rope tow run has a fence depth of snow, with progression onto the Linnhe Button.

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Though from side on it looks like a lot of scouring, when you face into the Goose area you quickly begin to realise just how much snow has been dumped into the front of the mountain by the persistent Westerlies - even though more has gone into the Back Corries.

Basically many of the named runs on the front have little meaning, it's one big expanse of snow from one side of the Goose area to the other and that extends down to the foot of the Quad Chair giving fantastic blue cruising terrain. From beyond Far West to the Allt Sneachda is just one big white playground for cranking up the turn radius.

Home Run, Rabbit Run and Yockies fantastic for returning to the Gondola and good cover on the Linnhe and Rope Tow area for novices (and the Linnhe / Alpha combination is the way to start the day for quick access to the hill).

A longer run out and back via Macphersons and Rob Roys Return available from the Alpha. Further round the traverse out of the Back Coire is loaded the whole way at present, but is still at the intermediate not patrolled status and suitable only for fully equipped (and experienced) backcountry riders.

Unfortunately after an OK Friday the forecast is very poor for Saturday, high winds and rain to all levels. Things do look more promising for Sunday, with snow showers to below the top of the Gondola and moderate winds, but check forecasts for updates. Not so good for surface conditions in the short term, but hopefully helping give a solid consolidated base to bring us far into Spring with some sweet granular spring snow. Early indications are for more snow and unsettled / at times stormy next week.
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