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Glenshee // Friday 6th March 2020
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Vast expanse of white from the top of the Caenlochan to the Fionn Pomas.

Glas Maol Poma being barred up and machines were working on the uptrack, but Saturday's weather could set things back.

Machines working on the Glas Maol Poma from the Fionn Pomas.

Heading down the blue side of the Fionn Pomas, total cover from here back up Fionn Coire on the East flank of Meall Odhar to the Caenlochan.

Coire Fionn 1 spinning for the first time this season, fantastic for confident intermediates up.

Caenlochan Poma has now entirely been stripped out and rebuilt in situ over the past few summers. The T-bar was not running contrary to the lift status as you can see!

Caenlochan Red in good shape, but the original Meall Odhar run beside it had little snow - due to the strength of the Westerlies.

The Closed sign about to get taken away and perfect machine packed powdery corduroy to rip up.

Clunny Pomas provide a good progression from Claybokie, you can see theres less snow on the West facing Meall Odhar and not enough for the Poma.

Big wide cover from the Tiger through the Thunderbowl to the Cairnwell RaceTracks as seen from Sunnyside.

Looking down Thunder Bowl to the Cairnwell Restaurant and the A93 to the North.

On the Cairnwell Triple. Tiger to the left (black) - Thunder Bowl to the right (red).

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The big news on Friday was one of the Coire Fionn Pomas opening at lunchtime, that opened up a vast expanse of snow with pretty much ride anywhere cover in the bowl of the Fionn Coire on the rear of Meall Odhar, you can just pick a line from anywhere along the ridge from the Caenlochan Poma.

Fionn Coire, the Cluny / Tom Dearg area and the Cairnwell have by far the most extensive and deeper cover thanks to the predominance of Westerly Gales during this seasons snowfalls. This means cover is thinner on Sunnyside and with much better greens and easy blues elsewhere is mainly being used for access to / from further out.

Similarly Meall Odhar has caught much less snow on it's Western aspect, so only the Home run (blue) to Tom Dearg and the Caenlochan Red (to skiers left of the Poma) are officially open. There is insufficient snow depth for the Meall Odhar Poma, though some other lines down Meall Odhar can be picked.

The Eastern and NE aspects of the Cairnwell have caught tons of snow, so both the Tiger and Thunder Bowl are in excellent shape with many lines possible on good snow. The Cairnwell RaceTracks are loaded round into Butchart's Coire too. Butcharts Coire has much better cover than the Access Poma Run, the fenced Carn Aosda Run is also in decent shape and a more enjoyable ski than the Access Poma.

Glas Maol Poma was being barred up during Friday and machines were working on the uptrack.

Unfortunately the forecast for Saturday is poor, early snow showers will transition quickly to rain at all levels, while Glenshee will see less than further West it could well be a pretty unpleasant day and as of Friday evening the forecast looks better for Sunday. Most of the East facing runs should hold up pretty well, but Sunnyside and Meall Odhar could take a bit of a hit, fingers crossed a connection to/from Fionn Coire remains OK, as it is loaded.
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