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Glencoe // Thursday 13th February 2020
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The low level Red Access Run in very good shape (apart from carnage corner).

Looking up the Plateau Poma run to the corner of Mugs Alley.

The waterfall / river by the Access Chair.

Laying out a turn on the Dark Side on the low level slopes of Creag Dhu.

The Kingshouse Hotel from the Darkside. West Highland Way passable on skis!

Pondering lines high on the Dark Side (which is a relative term, this is a fair bit below the top of the Access Chair)

Red Access Run in almost all in good shape for such a low elevation - but carnage corner was having plenty of moment!

Looking down to the base from the low level Red Access Run, bumps were starting to form late in the day.

Sightseers taking in the view from the summit of Creag Dhub, fresh tracks from those who hiked for a bit more vertical and freshies.

Looking back up Meall a' Bhuiridh from the river gully below the new garage on the way to the Darkside (photo skicadets).

Plateau Cafe sledge park in great condition, sadly the weather forecast is not great.

At the top of the Main Basin. (Photo by skicadets)

Old Mugs Alley late in the afternoon as the shadow of Meall a' Bhuiridh comes across.

Ben Nevis centre top seen from Old Mugs Alley late afternoon.

Beautiful end to Thursday, looking up the Plateau Poma late in the day.

Good snow cover all the way to the base of the Access Chair.

Good cover of snow on the dry slope and beginner lessons have been taking place here on snow.

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The forecast suggested it might be a blustery start, but it wasn't but that did mean it took a bit longer for the mist to burn off the top. That meant the upper mountain was fairly quite early on while many stayed on the Access Chair, but by afternoon there was hardly a cloud in the sky and many were doing complete laps from summit to base.

Though the queue for the Main Basin T-bar had it's moments, for over 1100 people on the mountain there was plenty of milage to be had with so many lines getting done on the front face of Meall a' Bhuiridh and Creag Dhubh (the Darkside).

The low level Red Access Run was in mostly very good condition given it finishes at 1200ft (that's similar to Loch Morlich) though Carnage Corner was leaving people pondering their next pride threatening move! By afternoon small bumps were building on the Red Access Run and the Black Access Run on the Dark Side which had sweet skier packed fresh all the way to the Carpark. It's a steep, narrow, in places technical but very satisfying descent in that sort of snow!

Up on the mountain nearly everything has good cover now, the exception is Etive Glades that was scoured by the very high winds. Huge amounts of snow has gone into the Flypaper Bowl and East Ridge - but though general avalanche risk had lowered this area is so loaded it remains a concern.

Would love to say Friday will begin as Thursday ended - calm under clear skies, but Storm Dennis is a monster and the leading edge of its wind field and precipitation is due to reach by dawn on Friday. Check updates AM over the next few days or have a plan B.
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