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Glencoe // Friday 29th December 2023
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Dusk over Rannoch Moor from the Access Chair.

Something to do while waiting for more snow!

Heading down from the Sledge Park to the Access Chairlift at dusk.

Lots of happy sledgers today.

Both fence lines being used for sledging this afternoon as no ski school afternoon groups up!

How do we know it was very windy? The Weather Station blew away!

Top of the Access Chair, wet snow dried out and firmed up during Friday.

Looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh, upper mountain beginning to fill in, but not enough snow fallen at Plateau level yet for snowsports.

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A busy day on Meall a' Bhuiridh even without any lifts spinning for snowsports yet. The Plateau Cafe sledge park is in good nick and improved through the day as drier colder air moved in, so should be nice and fast on Saturday morning!

If you are planning a Saturday visit, arrive early, as the weather is set to close in during the day after a fine start. Light and variable winds around dawn, will become South Easterly and progressively strengthen through the day.

Wrap up well and even if the weather is fine at the Carpark, dress for full on winter conditions!

As far as the rest of the mountain goes, the upper mountain needs a few more storms like last night, wet heavy snow driven in on strong winds to keep filling out the natural snowfields of the mid and upper mountain. Whereas the Plateau area needs snow to fall with a slightly lower snow line to get it up and running.

Uncertainty over potential snowfall accumulation over the next 48 hours, it would not take a huge amount of extra snow to make some of the Plateau greens ridable, but another couple of big storm cycles needed further up.
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