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Glencoe // Monday 1st April 2024
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Looking back to the Spring Run and Flypaper Bowl from Rankin's Return.

Looking down on the patchy cover on the Plateau from the Spring Run.

Looking up the Spring Run, small soft snow bumps lower down. Might be crusty first thing.

Views over Rannoch Moor open up as you head to the Spring Run.

The Haggis Trap, between the poles has a fairly hefty kick!

Heading into Island Rock Gully on the Main Basin.

Looking down the Main Basin. Sweet machine groomed snow.

Looking up the Main Basin to the top.

Surprise of the day was on Etive Glades where there was some really nice stretches of spring snow - but a couple of very narrow shark infested bits between them!

Top of the Main Basin and tows.

The Rannoch Button uptrack is much more mellow than a week ago.

Sledge Park at the Plateau Cafe is a holiday hit, always quieter earlier in the day but still in great shape, full length / width and fairly fast.

Heading for home at the end of the day via Rankins Return, best route to end the day on.

Old Mugs Alley is still complete on the Plateau, so by going skiers left of the tow under the get off for the Coire Pollach Tow can get to the Cliffy on snow.

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The Main Basin is being groomed each morning, so thats where the early birds should start to catch the corduroy worm! Elsewhere may start a bit crusty first thing, but should loosen up to easy going softening packed snow, if not quite true spring snow yet.

Perhaps the most significant thing to say about the upper mountain is how much more mellow and tamed the Rannoch Button uptrack is compared to a week or so ago! It is now fairly smooth and confident blue run skiers should cope OK now, but still a bit trickier on a board as though mostly fairly flat there is still some bits with an cross camber.

The Main Basin has been in the best condition of the season over the past week, though depths of snow are by no means huge, that means there is a bit more natural variation in the terrain to pick different lines and get a different feel each run. It is possible to continue down the Main Basin via the Haggis Trap, or divert skiers left to lower Happy Valley or skiers right into Ski Tow Gully for those who would rather avoid the Trap!

The Spring Run is in pretty good condition and giving sweet steeper turns, there are a couple of narrow bits, but it is possible to either cut a traverse back to the Rescue Shed or drop out wide onto Rankins Return and get to within a couple of minutes hoof down the Low Road path to regain the Poma for an almost full vertical loop.

The Plateau Poma is running for access, there are no complete runs on the Plateau area except Old Mugs Alley. By going round the small semi circular loop fence at the top of the Coire Pollach Tow (to skiers left of where the road goes) it is possible to ski the whole way down to and onto the Cliffhanger Chair.

The Sledge Park is in great shape, full length / width and is complimentary with any uplift ticket. It is recommended to arrive no later than 2.45pm for going sledging to get a reasonable length of time on the hill.
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