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Glencoe // Thursday 4th April 2024
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Sledge Park at the Plateau Cafe remains in great shape. Just a 5-8min walk to the cafe and sledging is complimentary.

Heading out to the Spring Run.

Looking up the Main Basin that has been skiing beautifully over the last week or so.

Laying out a big turn on the Main Basin.

Rannoch Button uptrack is much more mellow now!

Looking down the Main Basin to the narrows of Island Rock Gully above the Haggis Trap.

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Though largely overcast things brightened up to the top to give a fine day of spring riding on the upper mountain at Glencoe with the Main Basin continuing to give sweet turns.

A few snow showers already this evening and these will pick up in both frequency and intensity ahead of persistent frontal hill snow reaching in the early hours of Friday. There will be signficicant drifting on Easterly Gales overnight before wind moderate AM, so expect some decent windblown fresh, with top ups continuing through Friday morning.

The upper mountain has the best consolidated base of the season to date, so should be riding beautifully with the fresh snow on Friday morning. Bluebird it will not be, so don't forget the full winter gear with facemask and goggles! :)

Mid mountain was primiarly for access today, but should improve a bit overnight and with a bit of luck the Plateau Poma may catch some of the windblown snow as Old Mugs Alley is still complete to the cafe / Cliffy. It was a walk over to the Cliffy on Thursday.

The sledge park is full length and in excellent shape for the Easter school holidays, sledging is complimentary and there are over 100 sledges in the wooden bunkers at the Plateau Cafe.

With a very stormy weekend expected, taking a punt on Friday freshies looks to be the only game in town for a slide this weekend.
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