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Glencoe // Saturday 24th February 2024
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Clear again late afternoon, hopefully another bluebird start on Sunday.

The Red Access Run. This seemed like a good idea up here, it was not a particularly good idea - but a few were doing it.

Beautiful start to the weekend on Saturday morning looking to Creag Dhubh from the edge of the campsite. Camping is free during the snowsports season.

Rail Jam in progress at the Plateau Cafe on Saturday afternoon.

Old Mugs Alley is giving sweet easy turns. The Coire Pollach Tow is the best option for snow plough turners.

Sledge Park and Terrain Park at the Plateau Cafe for the Glencoe Gathering.

Old Mugs Alley giving some nice turns, easiest route is the loop via the Cafe. Snow factory toping up link back to Coire Pollach Tow.

Mugs Alley really is best avoided! Advanced skiers / expert snowboarders, the Wall is a better way down to the Plateau Cafe.

Lookiing down on the Plateau Poma still feels weird!

Top of the Low Road from the Rannoch Chair.

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Glencoe has the full on mountain vertical of 1400ft on offer from the summit to the Top of the Access Chair, after a massive effort with groomers, snowblowers and shovels to basically move the Main Basin T-bar uptrack onto the bare Button uptrack!

With the Rannoch Chair open, access to all the longer green runs on the Plateau, between 400m and 1km in length.

The snow was nice windblown soft fresh snow on Friday, it is now a mix of machine groomed, skier packed / skier tracked snow. The best cover is on the open upper runs where there was the most complete base, particularly the Spring Run and Main Basin. On the mid mountain the Wall is the best route down to the Plateau Cafe level, though there are lines between the Cliffhanger Crag and Thrombosis seeing action.

With baseless cover linking things together and heavy ski traffic on Saturday there are worn areas, and the runs are very thin and narrow in places.

Don't be a mug, give Mugs Alley the swerve, it is a mess, and really is best avoided and only passable by expert riders. For those up to early intermediates are advised to stay on the Plateau areas and not go up the Cliffhanger Chair. The Cliffy is primarily for access to the Wall run (red) and Rannoch Button Tow. Sunday looks dry and bright which is good news for day 3 of the Glencoe Gathering.
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