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Glenshee // Sunday 14th January 2024
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Thunder Bowl has a promising base if new snow sticks in the coming days, but the base is icy.

Carnlochan area has huge drifts, but behind Sunnyside was badly scoured before the recent high pressure weather.

Take heed of the signs… Hopefully things will freshen up markedly over the coming days.

Going up the Claybokie Poma, which provides progression from the Plastic Slope and the learner area.

Sunnyside Pomas showing a Northerly wind!

The old trainer tow side of the Claybokie run has better cover.

Sun making an appearance, but the wind was biting.

South facing slopes starting to catch some wind blown snow, but Butcharts and Carn Aosda have little base.

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Sunday was a windy and snowy day at Glenshee, with the same lifts open that have been since the New Year.

Snow fell and blew about for most of the day with only around an hour in the afternoon clearer. The wind was strong although from the north this time which is better to allow more snow to be caught by the areas that were scoured before New Year when the snow arrived on howling SE winds.

By late afternoon things were starting to fill in around Butcharts and Carn Aosda, these Southerly slopes have little old snow as they were scoured by the said SE winds before this period of high pressure weather.

The weather closed the Baddoch Chair and also caused some issues on the Sunnyside poma. Overall though with snow falling all day the piste conditions improved significantly by the last lift and there were some really lovely powdery sections notably on the claybokie and the Sunnyside blue.

Beyond the open terrain on the East side of the A93 there is substantial snow cover on much of Glas Maol and Meall Odhar, but East aspects have a lot of scoured areas and the Cluny Poma area was largely devoid of meaningful snow. The reason why it wasn’t possible to push out any further in the settled weather.

It would however not take much new snow sticking in the right places to substantially move the dial on the open terrain!
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