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Glencoe // Sunday 24th March 2024
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The Low Road was the best option for returning to the Access Chair, but is broken at the bottom.

Sledge Park is full length / width and in great shape. Ski School using the left hand side of the central fence for beginners (out of shot).

Can ski from the Plateau Poma onto the Cliffhanger Chair. No walking required to get to the Cliffy today! :)

Cutting back into Happy Valley from above the Haggis Trap.

Skiers pass Island Rock on the Main Basin.

Good cover on the link to Happy Valley (left) or Ski Tow Gully (right) for those who wish to avoid the Haggis Trap (ahead)!

Main Basin skiing beautifully and probably now the best cover on it of the season.

Top and bottom third of Happy Valley good, but need to cut back into the Main Basin as the mid-section caught very little!

A view - seems to have been a rarity this season at the summit!

With the T-bar out of action, Ski Tow gully was giving nice turns as an alternative Haggis Trap bypass option.

Apart from a brief rush as people arrived in the morning, max of a couple of minutes wait for the Rannoch Button.

Plateau Poma back in action for getting up. Run is just about skiable without unclipping but has a couple of breaks.

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Though the main action is on the upper mountain, with the Main Basin (blue) giving excellent turns, it is possible to do the full 1400ft vertical back to the Access Chair! The Plateau Poma is open and it is possible to ski onto the Cliffhanger Chair via Old Mugs Alley.

However apart from Old Mugs Alley, none of the Plateau runs are quite complete, though most are skiable. Thus conditions are really on suitable for advanced skiers or expert boarders (due to a difficult uptrack on the Rannoch Button). Exception is for novices in the snowsports school, where there is a good teaching area on snow by the Plateau Cafe.

The Main Basin is probably in the best condition of the season in terms of coverage and the Haggis Trap has mellowed, though it can be easily bypassed by either lower Happy Valley or Ski Tow Gully and connections back to the base of the Rannoch Button are fine. The Spring Run (red) has caught a good bit of windblown snow.

Mid mountain the Wall is the best route down to the cafe for experts, but it is possible to get down the top leg of Mugs Alley then use Old Mugs Alley to get to the Plateau Cafe. The Low Road was the best option for returning to the Access Chair, it is broken at the bottom, but the snow takes you nicely onto the track about 100m short of the Access Chair.

For those looking to go sledging the sledge park at the Plateau Cafe is in excellent condition and it is recommended you arrive no later than 2.30pm to go sledging.
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