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Glencoe // Thursday 25th January 2024
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Run out from Happy Valley back to the Main Basin T-bar.

Happy Valley has gained snow in the gully from the stormy weather, despite the mild / wet spells.

Similarly Ski Tow Gully is seeing a slow net gain despite that thaw periods.

Both Mugs Alley and Old Mugs Alley complete to the Cliffhanger Chairlift.

View down the corner of Mugs Alley to the Plateau Poma, where the run is narrow but skiable till just above the bottom where there is a short break.

Old Mugs Alley complete back to the Plateau Cafe and Cliffhanger, so easy to access the cafe and return to the open slopes.

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With the wind coming out of the SE quadrant this morning, Glencoe didn't feel the full force of the strongest winds of the day and thus managed to get a full day open to the summit with the best riding on the upper slopes from the Main Basin T-bar.

Softening packed snow with a little bit of fresh on top before precipitation reverted to rain at all levels in the afternoon before drying up a bit. Freezing level will be well above the tops this evening before abruptly coming back down an hour or so after precipitation reaches the West Coast mountains. So by the early hours of Friday there should be a period of fairly heavy hill snow.

The Munro Level temperature will drop to -5°c for a period overnight behind a double cold front, though soon -3°c after dawn, the wet base snow is likely to crust over and possibly give some icy patches depending on extend of the new snowfall.

With more strong winds forecast for the next few days, check updates regularly. Early indications of a brief lull in the current wild weather on Monday and possibly Tuesday.
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