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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 25th October 2010
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Heading for the Traverse on the way up.

Snow cannon poised for action?

Walkers setting off from the Ptarmigan Restaurant in autumn sunshine.

Drifted snow on the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Looking through the Ciste Tow and Polar Express into a wintry Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking out from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Windpacked fresh with a layer of loose windblown snow in the Marquis Well's.

Fresh tracks in Coire Cas!!

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A fine mostly sunny day under a ridge of high pressure to get out and play in the recent autumnal snow falls. Beautiful day to be in the mountains, but more autumnal weather is moving in!

While no lifts were turning there were a few carrying plank(s) and people on touring kit out for their first turns of the 2011 season and with October ticked off completing the personal 12 consecutive months of sliding on CairnGorm Mountain.

Another day or two of the heavier snow showers there's been would probably have been enough for something to have operated up top - not far away, but milder weather is sweeping in. Indeed the wind was picking up late afternoon.

Windblown fresh on a windpacked base in the Marquis Well's area, giving way to drifted snow with something of a breakable crust on the Ptarmigan Traverse. Thanks to sheer numbers walking up today, it was possible to continue on down the Traverse, down a nice wind blown fresh stash before cutting onto the 105. Managed to ski to one tower short of the Zig Zags, before it was time to get the walking boots back on.

Hopefully many more days like this weather wise when the snow comes proper.
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CairnGorm Mountain

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