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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 13th November 2010
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Waiting for the Funicular at the mid-station.

Skiers head down the Carpark Run as the mist lifts at the end of the day - typical!

Looking over the Funicular to the Zig Zags from the White Lady - almost a fence depth here.

Boarder on the Capark Run heading to Burnside as the Funicular trundles past.

Looking down the unpisted White Lady. Lots of drifts and wind lips to play with.

Carving up the November Snow on the White Lady.

Looking along the Zig Zag link from the Gunbarrel, top two legs complete but thin, Gunbarrel better.

Heading out of the Top Station for the first runs of the 2011 Season.

Funicular Base Station.

Boarders in the Coire Cas Gunbarrel, burn filled in to below the M1.

Looking along a misty Traverse from beyond the 105 corner.

Looking up the Ciste Gully from the car park on Saturday morning.

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Top to middle riding on the Cas side of the mountain, skiable to the Daylodge with care for experienced riders giving 1450ft of vertical.

Traverse, 105 and Cas Gunbarrel are pisted, but some good unpisted fresh on the Upper Cas. Top two legs of the Zig Zags are complete, but thin in places - the Gunbarrel is definitely the better option and remarkably well filled in for so early in the season.

Best sport for the more experienced riders was on the White Lady, lots of drifts, ridges and windlips to play on (or splat on when then mist came down). M1 also complete, but crusty and not very nice at the top.

Other runs are filling in, but not great visibility and flat light limited roaming potential. Light snow fell most of the afternoon and was still falling at dusk to below the Daylodge.

Funicular scheduled to open at 10.20am on Sunday, snowsports maybe available on Monday and Tuesday - decision will be taken on Sunday afternoon depending on the forecast.

All in all fantastic first lift served turns of the new season. Here's hoping it's here to stay with snow in all the critical gullies and stream courses.
Pix from the Slopes for the 2011 Season
CairnGorm Mountain

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