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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 20th November 2010
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Gunbarrel in good nick with lovely loose windblown snow. Good access to M1 Poma.

Looking down the 105 towards Loch Morlich. 105

View back up the 105, loosened up nicely. 105 fantastic lower down and unused!

Middle 105/Cas split. Coire Cas complete but narrow higher up, good cover in the Gunbarrel.

Traverse banked out, watch for the drop if dropping onto the Traverse from above.

Snow flurries coming as the cloud base lowers at the Top Station.

Queue jumping via the Carpark Run. Broken at the Burnside corner, very narrow and thin elsewhere, but passable to beside the burn.

Sun rises behind the Fiacaill Ridge at lunchtime, seen from Burndside.

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After a 3 day weather enforced hiatus CairnGorm Mountain was back in action on Saturday morning, with top to middle riding on offer via the Funicular and (occasionally) the M1 Poma (when it felt like it).

Mixed surface conditions with the Freezing Level sitting just below the Top Station and following the hurricane force weeks mid-week.
Best snow was in the Gunbarrel and the lower 3/4 of the 105, nice soft loose windblown snow.

Top of the Traverse was very chopped up and lumpy where pisted, better to either side with grippy wind packed snow - but the Traverse proper was loosening up nicely with use. Can cut off above the Traverse and drop down the flank of the hill on nice grippy wind packed snow.

White Lady has firm grippy wind packed snow, good sport for advanced riders - watch out for the drifts. M1 Race Track partly scoured giving icier surfaces at the top.

Visibility mostly good during the morning, but occasional light snow showers coming through taking the cloud base down to around the Elephant Fences.

Carpark Runs are broken, but possible to get to the corner of Burnside, but you need to walk around the s-bend by the burn, before plank(s) back on for the final drop down to the Daylodge - but quicker than getting the train, but lower slopes only passable by advanced riders!
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