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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 27th November 2010
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The Daylodge has it's winter coat in and it's still autumn.

The famous snow cannon sits beside the middle station platform.

Funicular heads past on the White Lady, chucking it down at the time!

Snow banked up outside the Top Station.

Top of the M1 Poma, fences buried.

Snowing again at the top of the M1 Poma.

Ptarmigan Restaurant and Top Station from the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Fortunately this jam only stretched to the Rothiemurchas clay pigeon shot and not the Glenmore Gates.

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During Saturday another 4-6 inches of light powder fell on CairnGorm Mountain and with the Top Basin now open there is lift served riding for all ability levels (weather permitting), with fantastic full width cover across the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Saturday's snow fall means CairnGorm Mountain has notched up around 36inches of powder since mid-week and there is simply epic powder riding on offer, and plenty of fresh tracks as the flat light and poor visibility are reducing people's sense of adventure.

The White Lady is fantastic as is the area around the M1 RaceTrack, but do beware of just buried fences lurking in the fluffy snow! Large parts of the open hill-side are becoming ridable, but beware that some of the open slopes, unlike the main snow fields are baseless. Also the further out an steeper pitches of the likes of Coronation Wall are of the aspects that had a high avalanche risk warning in force on Saturday.

The lower slopes have a good cover of machine packed and skier tracked powder, so easily skiable to the Daylodge via the Carpark Runs and the M2 / Daylodge Run.

For Sunday it's all down to whether the wind allows play. There could be significant new snow on each of the next few days, accompanied by high winds leading to a huge redistribution of lying snow. The mountain could be a different playground by the middle of next week.
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