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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 5th January 2011
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Weather coming in from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Snow shower closing in the 'Gorm as the light starts to fade.

Kassbohrer PB600w winch cat piste basher outside the Top Station.

Sickly West Wall Poma awaiting rope to splice in a repair section to the haul rope.

Ptarmigan Restaurant from high on the Ptarmigan Ridge, some nice pockets of snow out to the East Wall, but some scoured and rough stuff too.

Loading area of the Ptarmigan T-bar, please take heed of the banners and don't through t-bars away on lifts with bullwheel unloading.

Massive pile of snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl, machines were back working on it late afternoon.

Top Basin from the foot of the Ciste Tow late Wednesday afternoon, total cover on the upper mountain.

Skier setting off for the White Lady from the M1 Poma.

White Lady full width and pisted pretty much fence to fence. Extensive cover across the mid-mountain.

Ciste Gully is complete to well below the boardwalk. West Wall loading up with SW to West winds.

Low level fence line back to the Ciste Carpark on the Laogh Mor Return, good wide cover upper Coire, run out narrow but complete.

Upper Cas and the Headwall from Horizon Road.

Looking down the Cas Gunbarrel to the frozen Loch Morlich beyond.

The M2 was offering good sport with some fresh snow sticking between the fences, but might scour as the wind goes NW to N.

Summit Igloo has replaced the Summit Weather Station!

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Snow showers were coming in at the end of the day after an unusual sky as dusk came in. A winter storm with gale force NW winds and frequent snow showers is expected Thursday, so individual run conditions are likely to have changed from today.

Friday is looking like being a good one at this stage with a lull in the weather after the fresh snow and a moderate Southerly should help bring more of the fresh snow back into the Snowsports Area.

The wind in recent days from a Westerly quarter has seen a big gain in snow on the West Wall and the main pitch of this is now complete. Ciste Gully and East Wall have great cover, but did not visit this area with the WWP closed.

Pick of the afternoon was through the Ptarmigan Bowl and down the burn line of the Ciste Bowl as this was catching wind blown powder. Earlier the White Lady was reportedly great after being pisted, but by late afternoon surface conditions were much more mixed with areas of hard grippy snow and accumulations of windblown fresh.

Top to Daylodge riding is on offer via both the M2/Daylodge and the Carpark Runs. Skiable to the Ciste Carpark via the Laogh Mor Return, the fence line out of the Coire should improve with snow drifting in across it. Heed any avalanche closures on the East Wall though.
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