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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 16th January 2011
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Ciste Gully still wide and deep and complete to below the Aonach level.

Looking up from outside the Daylodge. Mid station up retains good cover, White Lady still wide.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma uptrack has survived the thaw. Turning colder tonight.

Looking up from the Ciste Chair, West Wall Poma and Aonach Bowl to right of Chairlift.

Daylodge run very narrow and patchy, but uptrack still fully complete.

River Spey rising closer to the Ski Road.

Pause in the work to get the burn back below the snow on the Carpark Tow track!

A fine Sunday for ducks, the much elevated level of Loch Morlich meaning there's some free water for the first time in many weeks!

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Video Report.

The weekend was lets be honest a fine weekend for the ducks and that was about all. The heavy and persistent rain coupled with snow melt raising the level of Loch Morlich sufficiently to open up free water around the margins for the first time in weeks.

The mountain briefly opened up to the Top during Saturday morning before the wind suddenly stepped up to gusting over 115mph shutting everything down once more. Heavy rain fall all day at all levels.

There was no let up in the wind on Sunday, in the region of 70 gusting 90mph at the tunnel mouth and all uplift including the Funicular remained closed all day.

Despite rapid thaw conditions the cover remains extensive on the mid and upper mountain. Pretty much complete cover across the Top Basin, good wide cover on the mid mountain runs, White Lady remains in great nick as does the Ciste Gully and the natural snowfields on the sidewalls.

The lower slopes have taken more of a hit having much less of a base, but the Daylodge and Fiacaill Ridge uptracks are intact. Still a complete route via the M2 using the Daylodge uptrack lower down. Carpark Run still complete, but thin and narrow. Outside staff were working in atrocious conditions on Sunday to free the run and towtrack of standing and running water. Both Carpark Tow and Ridge Poma are hoped to run Monday, but DLP wont run until the WWP is fixed or cover improves significantly on the Daylodge.

Weather is set to settle down as we move into the new week, quality of skiing will be determined largely by whether the snow sets up firm and grippy or rock solid boiler plate. Sharpen those edges though just incase.
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