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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Wednesday 19th January 2011
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Traffic on the A82 streams past Loch Ba and beyond Meall a' Bhuiridh at night.

Ski Tow Gully at the end of the day, not a cloud in the sky as dusk comes in.

Preparing for the last run of the day at the top of Mugs Alley.

Looking back up through the Haggis Trap.

Heed the sign or who knows where the Haggis Trap might spit you out!

Loose windblown fresh in the Main Basin giving great skiing.

Strapping on at the top of the Main Basin, looking out the traverse to Happy Valley.

Piste Basher sitting above the top of the Main Basin.

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The last of the overnight snow showers eased to flurries early Wednesday before clearing away to leave a dry and increasingly fine day on Meall a' Bhuiridh.

There has been around 4-6inches of fresh snow fall since the temperatures fell back on Sunday evening, with the initial drifting there are deeper accumulations of windblown fresh in the main upper snow fields with great riding on the Main Basin, Happy Valley and the Spring Run.

The Haggis Trap looks intimidating, but it's lovely soft new snow all the way through it, don't bomb straight into it though, you might end up in orbit, take heed of the 'SLOW' sign!

The Plateau Poma is open and the Plateau runs though thin have good surface conditions with a layer of new snow on them. Some thin bits on Mugs Alley, but no problem for getting around.

Wall T-bar is open and the Wall has some lovely deeper stashes of fresh loose snow. The new snow is lying on a firm to hard packed base, so the occasional harder area, but on the whole great riding with lovely surface conditions. By dusk there wasn't a cloud in the sky promising a fantastic Thursday to hit the slopes at Glencoe.
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