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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 23rd January 2011
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Winch anchor at the Traverse / M1 RaceTrack split.

Skiers in the mist high in the Aonach Bowl.

Aonach Bowl had fantastic granular spring snow, great sport on Sunday.

One of several massive mounds of snow stockpiled by the Carpark Tow.

White Lady was popular (Sat PM).

Speed Flying touchdown on the lower White Lady (Sat).

Carpark Run complete for Top to Daylodge riding, exit at Top Daylodge bridge if not continuing to tows.

Misty at the Ciste Tow, but light not as flat up top as mid runs in Coire Cas.

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Sunday remained much more overcast with hill fog on the upper mountain, but on piste the surface conditions were good with loose granular snow on a firm base with the occasional icy patch.

The Top Basin retains an excellent cover across the hill and the mid-mountain slopes retain extensive though not ski anywhere cover, but all mid mountain and upper runs are in good shape.

Top to Daylodge riding is offering up 1650ft of vertical, Carpark Run is in mostly decent shape thanks to extensive work with the Piste Bashers, only the final section of Burnside by the Daylodge is really thin and scrapped - if your not heading to the Carpark Tow or FRP, exit at the top Daylodge Bridge.

M1 Poma queue was pretty big in the afternoon, but there was hardly ever a queue for the West Wall Poma. This allowed the DLP and WWP to be a good alternative route back to the top of the mountain without queues.

One of the standout runs on Sunday were Coire Cas, good fast sweet spring snow on a firm base - best line of all was to exit skiers right at top of Gunbarrel and head down the 105 into the M1 queue area.

For those seeking a bit more gradient, the Aonach Bowl was the pick of the day, great riding on loose spring snow - delightful skiing, pisted route down the bowl and some beginnings of spring snow bumps in the narrows above OverYonder.
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