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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 5th February 2011
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Pisted powder on Burnside was a delight to ski compared to last Sunday's polished ice

Lower slopes much improved

M1 brilliant after an afternoon piste

Looking over to the Cas from the M1. Icy and scoured between the pistes.JPG

Pisted Lady was magnificent

Too windy for the top tows but plenty of standing classes

Looking up the Ptarmigan traverse

Pretty icy outside the top station

Strong wind was whipping up the loose surface

Snowfences show their worth on the M2

Lead into the traverse was a bit icy

West side of the Cas had gained snow and was great to ski

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Snow with severe drifting gave way quickly to driving rain when temps rose 4°c in an hour on Friday, with a refreeze following overnight.

Over the storm cycle the lower slopes and Eastern Aspects such as the West Wall, and suitably aligned fence runs have gained. Gusting winds however get the upper tows and West Wall Poma closed.

Higher up the snow fences have kept the runs in good shape but there has been scouring between. The Cas, Lady, M1 and lower slopes are offering good riding with machine groomed loose snow where the drifts have been bashed out.

The area at the top of the Traverse which took the full force of the SW'lies is hardpacked and rather icy, but this quickly gives way to much more forgiving surface conditions as you head down.

Apart from the Carpark Tow which suffered a gearing failure all available uplift is scheduled for Sunday. Limited uplift didn't result in much queuing Saturday due to restricted ticket sales. Photos by H11lly.
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