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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Thursday 10th February 2011
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Looking back into the Flypaper from the runout to Mugs Alley.

Skiers below a low level narrow rail in Happy Valley.

Lower reaches of Happy Valley, smooth firm grippy snow with a dusting of fresh.

Main Basin T-bar and Top Button.

Main Basin T-bar in shadow of the Summit at the end of the day.

Radio Gully, like the Fly and Spring Run caught loads of snow during recent storms.

Andy checking how slidey the wider low rail is!

About to set off from the Top of the Main Basin, Nevis Range beyond.

Ben Nevis in the afternoon Sun from Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Meall a' Bhuiridh has gained a substantial depth on the upper mountain through the recent storms.

Track from the Summit at the Top of the Main Basin.

Flypaper open, but take heed of the sign. Will be assessed daily.

View down the Flypaper, beware the rock bands across it - do not fall.

A huge amphitheater loaded with snow to play in.

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A few fleeting clouds passed over Meall a' Bhuiridh during the day, but for most of the time the sun shone brightly from blue skies. The full on mountain vertical is on offer with riding from the Summit to the Top of the Access, with riding for all ability levels.

While the Plateau and Mugs Alley (new and old) have seen decent net gains through the recent storm cycles, the Canyon and the Wall more so, the really impressive gains are in the deep natural snow fields of the upper mountain which are now in fantastic shape in terms of depth of the base.

The Plateau area was giving decent riding on packed snow, but the best action was on the top half off the Main Basin T-bar where a light dusting of fresh on top of a firm but even and grippy base was giving good sport for more confident intermediates upwards.

The Flypaper was open, a very uniform and smooth surface of a firm grippy base with a dusting of fresh, which once you were sure your edges liked the base was giving pretty decent steep turns, but it's firm enough that a fall would be a non stop ticket to the bottom, and the bottom of the Flypaper is not a friendly place, so take heed of the Patrol Noticeboard!

For a slightly less steep line but with similar conditions, Radio Gully and the East Ridge are also well loaded. Spring Run and Main Basin within the patrolled area also firm grippy snow with a layer of looser fresh on top.

Some of the mid mountain wasn't riding so well, there's a band around the middle of the middle slopes where pisted areas have turned to rubble zones, the corner of Mugs Alley being the worst, there are ways to avoid it thankfully, though the snow was quite slick at this altitude.

Definitely on Thursday the best riding was at the top and around the Plateau, but slightly milder temps on Friday should gradually improve the mid-mountain sections surface conditions.
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