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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 3rd April 2011
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Heading for home via the Fiacaill Ridge.

Cas Gunbarrel still wide, deep and flat on Sunday.

Piste Basher climbing the Fiacaill Traverse, Nessie Rollers beyond were fast today.

Newly laid spring snow corduroy on the White Lady.

Ciste Fairway, Ciste Tow closed due to wind.

H11lly on the White Lady.

Skiers on the lower White Lady rush to catch the Funicular at the mid station.

Best route onto the White Lady via the old T-bar line. Shower over Aviemore, while 'Gorm basked in Sun.

H11lly gets some April turns in on the Ciste Fairway on route to the White Lady via Lady Luck.

Top of the Traverse from outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant. Traverse in great condition all way down.

Skiers drop onto the white open bowl of the Upper Lady. Beautiful spring snow on a firm base.

Huge amount of snow still beside the tunnel on upper Lady.

Various Rails and features in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Boarder hits a rail in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park following the Highlander Comp.

Great cover in the Top Basin, firm grippy snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Spring snow lower down.

Ciste Gully, West Wall and No 1 Gully on the East Wall looked good, but WW Poma track broken.

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Sunday turned into a beautiful blue sky if windy afternoon on CairnGorm Mountain, while those up the mountain could see shower after shower hit Aviemore! The Funicular, Ptarmigan Tow and Coire Cas providing uplift.

Firm grippy snow in the Top Basin with some loose fresh stuff blowing about the Ptarmigan Bowl which generally was pretty sheltered despite the wind low down in the Carpark.

Good fun spring snow riding on the Cas side mid mountain, the White Lady was in great shape with granular spring snow over a firm base with some bumps forming on one side and a regularly bashed out line of spring snow corduroy to skiers right. Lady was the highlight of the day lapping off the Funicular with the M1 Poma off due to wind, but the White Lady was sheltered and can ski right to the platform.

Coire Cas remains in good shape with a pretty wide cover on the Upper Cas and the Gunbarrel was still loaded and pretty much flat across. Traverse and 105 in good nick and the Zig Zags and Chicken Gully are complete for avoiding the Gunbarrel.

Fiacaill Traverse provides a long cruisey blue and the Nessie Rollers were fast and fun with the quick spring snow. They've been reshaped slightly and are a bit deeper and bigger now!

Still ridable to the Daylodge via the Fiacaill Traverse, Fiacaill Crossover and Fiacaill Ridge when the Poma isn't open for uplift.
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