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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 9th April 2011
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End of the final run down the Cas Gunbarrel.

Looking down Coire Cas, still fast granular spring snow.

Bumps building during Saturday afternoon in the Gunbarrel.

Looking down the lower half of the Gunbarrel.

Ptarmigan Terrain Park and T-bar.

Heading into the Ciste Bowl, still wide. But go slowly into the T-bar area.

CairnGorm adopts novel approach to patching runs in the spring thaw.

Still good width in the Ptarmigan Bowl to the Restaurant side of the park.

Winchcat sits in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Ciste Fairway broken - tow track thin.

Not a rail for male skiers, long down-flat-down.

Boarder heads past the top of the Terrain Park.

Hitting the down-flat-down rail on the lip of the steeper pitch.

Competitors wait their run at the top of the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Railslide in Dawn of the Shred Competition.

Ptarmigan Restaurant and Top Station.

There was once a thread - West Wall Chairlift Should Spin Saturday, this Saturday would have been good!

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Plus 16°c reached at the mid-station level this afternoon, a taste of Summer for Dawn of the Shred 5. Higher the temp the faster the granular spring snow on Coire Cas was getting, great laying out some quick carves on the Upper Cas, before getting to grips with the steadily growing Gunbarrel moguls.

Up in the Top Basin the Ptarmigan Terrain Park is the full length of the Ptarmigan Bowl with numerous rails and boxes out, including a new 3 section down-flat-down skier manhood wrecker on the drop down into the Bowl proper. There's also 2 pipe jibs, a tyre jib and the huge selection of kickers, plus a slightly more sane kicker lower down by the tyre job and big pipe.

Ptarmigan Bowl retains a decent width and the Polar Express is open for snowplough turners getting to grips with the tows. Ptarmigan Traverse is quite narrow in a few bits but has a decent depth. Ciste Bowl is mostly wide with increasingly quick spring snow, just take care approaching the Ciste Tow loading area - there's a few rocks lurking after the Tow track crossover.

White Lady is skiable via the 'Skirt', but broken below the Elephant Fence for a short bit and some hoofing is required to get onto the top of the Run - did see some tracks on it today. Ciste Gully was also seeing action from those prepared to put in some leg work either to walk over to the Daylodge or skin back up or walk out to a strategically placed car.

Some gullies and steeps in Sneachda and Lochan reportedly seeing action. Long snow field in the Ciste Mhearaidh for tourers to slide down over the back.
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