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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 14th April 2011
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Skier rips the Gunbarrel moguls.

Skiing the White Lady... Actually there was very good snow here, but not complete.

Coire Cas retains decent fast spring snow.

Looking down the Cas Gunbarrel to Loch Morlich beyond.

From here down the Traverse is in good shape to the top of the Cas, but not above.

Ptarmigan Bowl still wide for beginner groups and learners.

Polar Express trainer tow doing it's thing on Thursday afternoon.

Skier hits the pipe jib atop of the large kicker.

The now abandoned Ptarmigan Traverse, looking to the Top Station.

Still a decent cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl itself.

End of the lift served road, but there is over 1000ft of vertical below in the Ciste Gully for those prepared to hoof.

The final top of the Ptarmigan Tow shot for the 2011 season?

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The main action is in the Ptarmigan Bowl and on the full length of Coire Cas. The Cas is the best for more experienced skiers and boarders and though its starting to narrow in places it remains good fun with fast granular spring snow and the Gunbarrel remains full width with good sized spring snow bumps continuing to build through the day. Classic fun spring sport.

High Pressure is set to keep the weather fine and settled, though not quite in the BBQ territory of last weekend. None the less it's set dry with light winds, so don't miss out on the opportunity for one more slide this Friday or weekend.

From Friday the Ptarmigan Tow will offload at the top of the Ptarmigan Bowl to provide direct access to the main pitch of the Bowl avoiding the Ptarmigan Traverse which was starting to resemble a rockery late Thursday.

Coire Cas is still full length and the best lift served offering with decent quick granular spring snow and fantastic fun bumps in the Gunbarrel. Your legs will die before you get bored trying to bash the bumps into submission, so while there's only limited terrain left, it's classic spring fun sport with decent weather and surface conditions.

If your prepared to do a bit of hoofing the majority of the White Lady is still skiable, but a short walk in at the top and just below the elephant fence. A bit of heather hoping by the foot of the M1 will get you back to the train, just about perfect spring snow on Thursday - so worth the bit of effort for a chance of scenery.

For those feeling more energetic the Ciste Gully continues to serve up around 1400ft vertical from the top of the Ptarmigan Bowl. Quite a bit of traffic with folk skiing down and skinning up Thursday, but you can save on vertical climbed by walking back over to the Daylodge (aim for the coroner of the DLP from the foot of the WWC/Poma).

Get out and play while you still can, summer will be long enough this year.
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