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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 17th April 2011
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Ptarmigan Tow doing it's thing on the warmest day yet this year.

Ptarmigan Bowl. Still good width and plenty of space for learning. Ski School has spaces.

Hitting the pipe jib in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

H11lly reaches the head of Coire Cas after an exploration on the Plateau (See public reports).

Looking down the Bowl as a rider hits the Pipe Jib.

Beach weather on Coire Cas and at Loch Morlich below.

Cas Gunbarrel was pisted Saturday, bumps are more mellow again but still great fun.

Tourers nearing the top of the Traverse, which is still fine after the M1 Split.

Looking up the Cas Tow to the tow track crossover.

Taking a breather from shoveling snow for the pipe jib ramp.

T-shirt riding on the Coire Cas with fast granular spring snow.

Getting air of the hip on the side of the huge Ptarmigan Bowl Kicker.

Who needs wings when you can build kickers?

Chilling at the top of the Ptarmigan Bowl at the get off ramp.

Skiers at the foot of the Ciste Gully get ready for the walk back to the Funicular.

Boarders ride the Ptarmigan Tow past the huge kicker.

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With still air and unbroken sunshine bouncing back of the snow it certainly felt like the hottest day of the year so far on CairnGorm Mountain - more of the same tomorrow so get the shades, suncream and your plank(s) and get up and slide while you still can.

At the top of the mountain the Ptarmigan Tow is directly serving the Ptarmigan Bowl (off loading before it tops out onto the flat upper section). Thus the area is ideal for novices and learning, with still decent width of cover in the Bowl, the Polar Express trainer tow is also operating.

There are various hits off the sides of the huge kicker / hip in the Terrain Park. A few folk were climbing up and hitting the full monster. Below there is a now much more sane sized kicker for mere mortals to hit and the large pipe jib is back out.

From the Top Station a short walk is required past the top of the M1 Poma to get onto the Traverse proper, but from the corner it's in decent shape. Alternatively Coire Cas can be accessed from the mid-station.

Coire Cas remains full length and though its getting narrow the Gunbarrel is still mostly full width and having been pisted on Saturday the moguls were a bit more mellow on Sunday. The snow is granular and spring like, though getting a bit sugary it is still pretty fast, and you can travel a fair way of the roller that is being formed where the hill track crosses the middle of the Cas. Still good fun sport for more experienced riders.

For those willing to put in some leg work the Ciste Gully continues to reward the effort (though the effort comes after the reward in this case if you used the lifts to get to the top)! Walking over to the Funicular via the corner of the Daylodge Poma involves less climbing vertical than skinning back up the Gully and Ciste Bowl.

The White Lady though broken continues to see some action thanks to excellent quality of the firm spring snow.

From Monday CairnGorm Mountain shifts to summer operating hours, so the Daylodge and Ticket Office open at 10am with the first lift at 10.30am. Don't be sitting at the Cas Bar door at 8.30am waiting for your breakfast!

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