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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 25th April 2011
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That's all folks.. hoofing down the Fiacaill path to the Daylodge from the Gunbarrel.

I want one of those at home...

About to head into the Gunbarrel for the last lift served turns of winter 2011.

H11lly navigated around a few additional water features in the Gunbarrel.

Check out the view from outside the Ptarmigan - the VMP means you can't do that tomorrow!

Some final turns in Coire Cas at the end of the 2011 season.

Ptarmigan Tow doing it's think on Monday afternoon.

Will you nae do that... Stopped before disaster struck!

Looking up the Ptarmigan Bowl as the Sun came out during the afternoon.

Survived... Boarder rides out of the pond.

Skimming the thigh deep pond in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Some running repairs to the pond.

Looking down the Ptarmigan Tow.

Hitting a rail in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Looking up through the Ptarmigan Terrain Park features to some riders waiting to hit the Pond.

Anyone for some chilly Pond Skimming. There were a few dunkings on Monday afternoon!

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Well that's all folks, the 2011 Scottish Season officially drew to a close for lift served snowsports when the Ptarmigan Tow was switched off shortly after 4pm on Monday afternoon.

The lift served action was up in the Ptarmigan Bowl were a variety of kickers, hits, rails, boxes and the pond kept folk amused, plus a concerted effort to create a mini bump field skiers right of the T-bar get off!

Some lift assisted hoofing enabled runs down the Ciste Gully which still provides over 1000ft of vertical and at the end of the day quite a few put up with the stop/start sliding to get a final run of the season down the remaining snow on the Traverse and Coire Cas.

If you are heading up to the Plateau for some late touring, there is little point heading to the top of CairnGorm - better to head up the Fiacaill path or even possibly via the Northern Corries path.

If you just want to slide on CairnGorm itself, the Ciste Gully remains the longest run for now - but the spring collapse is definitely underway. The Traverse and Cas are broken - so probably easier to carry skies up than to try to skin up. See today's Public Report for some photos from the Southern Snowfields and Ciste Gully.
Pix from the Slopes for the 2011 Season
CairnGorm Mountain

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