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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 26th June 2011
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Shadows in the snow, mid Sunday afternoon.

Getting some June post Solstice turns in on the Ciste Mhearaidh, CairnGorm.

Exploring the network part thawed out snow holes.

Full extent of the Ciste Mhearaidh snow field, spot Helen for Scale.

Helen setting off for some more turns as a shower comes in. Rain made the spring snow progressively faster.

Hiking back up the small, but fairly steep patch below the Tor. Firm and fast, blades would have got 3 times as many turns in!

Train does not take the strain on the way up! Cas Headwall snow patch viewed from the 105/Traverse corner.

Ptarmigan keeps a watchful eye over family by the top of the Ptarmigan T-bar.

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A marginal forecast meant some post solstice turns were earned on Saturday rather than Sunday, but driving past the Ciste Carpark the Sun was shining and the mountain was clear to the top.

A monsoon like shower however quickly swept in and was dodged before setting off on the walk to the Ptarmigan. It turned out to be a mixed day of bright spells and heavy showers, but it certainly wasn't cold.

Turns were had below the Tor round the back of CairnGorm on a short steepish patch on which 7 turns could be squeezed out on skis. Contouring round from there to the Ciste Mhearaidh for less forced turns on a vastly larger snow field. Various possible lines, short and steeper, or with fast spring snow a long runout along the gentle Southern tounge of the snow.

The rain came down hard while there, but served to make the granular spring snow faster still and with June turns earned, my personal 20th consecutive month of sliding on CairnGorm Mountain was notched up!

Bright and dry conditions returned on the way back to the Top Station, with the increasing wind and warmer temps enough to dry out on the short walk. However with another beefy shower threatening, a coffee in the Ptarmigan Restaurant and Funicular down won over a few final turns on the Headwall and hoof back to the car.

Oh and a chocolate Mackie's Ice Cream to celebrate Summer! The march back to winter has begun.... Skiers Alan & Helen (H11lly). More pix in the Public Reports.
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