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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 27th July 2011
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Need 3D photography to show this, clumps of blown debris have resulted in a slower melt rate.

The small isolated 4th patch/area, which was already seperate from the main snow field early July.

A closer up view of the main remaining snow patch.

A wide angled view of the 3 snow patch areas, the left most patch is fractured into several smaller pieces. Compare to photo from same spot on 4th July.

Patch breaking into small patches, will any of these smaller patches make it to August?

On top of the world, well heading for the top of the 'Gorm via the new alignment of the Windy Ridge Path.

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A selection of photos from a very warm and still day on CairnGorm. Taking the Windy Ridge path to the Ptarmigan, except there wasn't a breath of wind!

The objective was to assess the Ciste Mhearaidh snow patches, with a view to the possibility of an August slide, to keep the unbroken run going and stretch it to 22 months. The stipulation to date has been linked turns on CairnGorm, it would certainly have been possible today.

Will have to see what the last few days of July brings. The shape and lie of the main patch is not the best for getting turns in, might be time to resort to blades to get some more turns and a better line in!!

The mountain was very busy both with funicular sight seers, and large numbers walking - don't recall ever meeting so many folk on the Windy Ridge path.
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