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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 1st January 2011
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Still extensive cover on the mid mountain, but hard and rough off the main trails at the moment.

Going up the M1 Poma, excellent solid base, now a top up would be nice!

Bottom terminal of the M1 Poma, skiers braving the White Lady beyond.

Not so much disappearing over the horizon as into the mist on Horizon Road.

New banners have appeared around the mountain to try and improve queuing etiquette.

PB600w Winch Cat sits outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Best visibility, light and loosest snow was on the lower slopes. All routes to Cas Carpark complete, some worn bits but a good base.

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Firstly a Happy New Year. :)

The first day of 2011 saw a cold front sweep through in the early hours. So it was much colder than recent days on the mountain. If you are heading up Sunday - wrap up well and sharpen those edges!

Good edges really will make the world of difference to the potential enjoyment factor or otherwise. Snow has refrozen and set up hard. some of the trails with more skier and machine traffic are grippy with some loose snow around, but it's generally pretty hard packed and some proper boiler plate around.

Off piste areas are rough, rutted and frozen and are not pleasant and will need fresh snow or milder temperatures to come back into condition. On the other hand there should be some pretty good ice climbing around just now.

Best riding is where the machines have been recently. Generally the lower slopes were looser on Saturday and the visibility was better than on the upper mountain, though cover not as good as above mid-station still decent runs to the Daylodge.

West Wall Poma was out of action due to a damaged haul rope.
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