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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Thursday 20th January 2011
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Distant peaks rise from a sea of inversion mist beyond the Wall T-bar.

The Nevis Range mountains from Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Boarders take in the view of the sunlit inversion layer below.

At the top of the Spring Run late on Thursday afternoon.

Andy contemplates the last run of the day on the Spring Run.

Boarder heading back to the Main Basin T-bar from Happy Valley.

Loose groomed snow on Happy Valley giving fantastic sport.

Easy turns on groomed loose dry snow on the upper mountain where pisted.

Looking out the traverse for Happy Valley and Etive Glades to Ben Nevis.

Skier drops into the gully at the foot of the Main Basin.

Everyone was camera shy today when it came to the Haggis Trap!

Going to be a fantastic Thursday, bluebird skies above the mountain.

Just risen out of the see of gloom on Rannoch Moor on the Access Chair.

Rising sun shines through the inversion layer mist from the access road.

Looking out from the Spring Run, fantastic snow, but traverse to top T-bar has the odd icy bit developing.

Hiking to the Summit under a perfect blue sky Thursday lunchtime.

Heading for home via the Plateau Run, thin and narrow lower down but easily passable and no rocks here!

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Video Report

Wednesday turned to night under clear skies and that's how Thursday started and remained, unbroken winter sunshine from a clear blue sky above an endless vista of mountain islands from a sea of inversion mist below the slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh.

The upper mountain is in good shape with great surface conditions providing fantastic riding. Main Basin is skiing very well with the loose new snow on a firm base, the pick of the groomers though was Happy Valley where you can layout out some sweet turns.

Etive Glades and the spring run are providing good sport for those looking for unpisted stuff, the Spring Run edging it for the run of the day with good accumulations of still nice and soft windblown fresh. Just take care if you traverse back to the Main Basin T-bar from the Spring Run, a few patches here scrapped down to the harder snow below.

Mid Mountain the wall has some nice stashes of relatively untouched windblown fresh from earlier in the week, but is quite narrow so only for advanced riders. Wall T-bar has been open daily, avoids the short walk/skate from the cliffy for the lazy!

Elsewhere lower down the variations on Mugs Alley are skiable, though thin and narrow low down. The Plateau Poma and Run are complete for access to and from the main area, but narrow and thin, though actually pretty pleasant skiing with soft newish snow.

Absolutely spectacular day on the mountain with great riding on the top runs, if you weren't there kick yourself, there was never a queue in sight!
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