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pix from the slopes // glenshee
Glenshee // Tuesday 8th February 2011
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End of day. Cairnwell slopes

Carn Aosda, from Cairnwell Red Track which is in excellent shape.

Home Run Great cover full width. Carn Aosda beyond.

Fionn off-piste zone. Loads of lines, and the gully return line complete.

Fionn Red also at its best. Glas Maol didn't open today, but didn't look as good as Fionn today.

Cluny runs also improved with new snow. Meall Odhar still good cover but there was better runs to be had today.

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Strong winds early on moderated to give a mostly fine day, though a high veil of cloud persisted making for a hazy day with occasionally flat light, though visibility was excellent.

Previous day's wind had blown the recent fresh around, but this pisted out to give good conditions on the pistes around the area.

The recent storm cycles from SW has put snow on to the runs that previously weren't so great this season. Red Cairnwell Race Track was full width with great skiing on powdery surface.

Coire Fionn also much improved. Blue unpisted zone full of fresh tracks, and Red fenced Fionn also at its best of season so far. Recently it was very icy...not now.

Cairnwell/Butcharts/CarnAosda definitely main winers in yesterday's storm. All skiable to carpark.

Further drifting overnight before temps rise could change about the best conditions. Photos by HTH.
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