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Glencoe // Tuesday 9th April 2019
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Beautiful day looking out on Rannoch Moor.

Looking up the Main Basin from Island Rock.

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Early mist over Rannoch Moor rose into low cloud first thing, but it quickly burnt off to be another spectacular spring day on Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Snow set up firm overnight and the Main Basin was groomed first thing, but the bumps rebuilt through the day with it being the run seeing by far and away the most use. Snow quickly loosened up as the April sun got to work, and the freeze / thaw further improved the surface conditions on Monday. That should be the case each day this week with the granular spring snow getting better and better day by day.

The main action is off the Main Basin T-bar on the Main Basin, top of Happy Valley and the Spring Run, all of which had fantastic granular spring snow once things loosened up. If the snow firms up the Main Basin can be groomed first thing.

The Flypaper Bowl has a lot of snow once in it, but because there is no ski route in or out it's not patrolled - any incident here would be a mountain rescue job! Speak to Patrol at the Rescue Station for the latest as you definitely don't want to go in there if the snow is still firm.

While it is possible to get back to the Plateau Cafe via Mugs Alley and Old Mugs Alley, the mid section of Mugs Alley is only suitable for experienced riders as it is getting patchy in places. The Wall is the best route down the mid-mountain in terms of cover, though a short walk is required back to the Cliffy. Thus the mountain is only suitable for confident intermediates and above, except for novices with Ski School.

Sledging is available adjacent to the Plateau Cafe and use of the sledges is free. The Plateau Cafe is open daily weather permitting.
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