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Glencoe // Monday 8th April 2019
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Island Rock Gully on the Main Basin.

This is why it's called the Spring Run!

Sledging outside the Plateau Cafe on Old Mugs Alley.

Looking down Happy Valley which is doable but getting a bit patchy, top section can be done then cut back to Main Basin.

Telemarking in the Main Basin.

No need for a pipe cutter when you have the Haggis Trap!

Various terrain features that can be used as kickers dotted around the Main Basin.

Snowfactory producing snow for Old Mugs Alley which is complete.

Ski School group on Old Mugs Alley

Looking up Ski Tow Gully.

Launching into the Main Basin.

Old Mugs Alley on the Plateau showing up the combined benefit of the snowfactory and good natural snow holding!

Rock hoping in the Main Basin! :)

Canyon has been seeing action with the better visibility and loose granular spring snow, couple of bits of grass skiing to get to the Cliffy.

Snow Factory pile growing through the day on Old Mugs Alley.

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Monday brought the weather you might have thought we were going to get at the weekend when looking at the blue skies on the webcams as dusk approached on Friday evening.

Sadly that was not the case, the low cloud only really started to break up and burn off post dawn on Monday, but it has been wall to wall sunshine all day on Meall a; Bhuiridh and that is what the forecast is for at least the next 2 to 3 days. Light winds will continue through the mid-week period, so if you can get up grab the opportunity because this season you never know if another chance will come along.

There is big swings in the forecast for the coming weekend so just about anything could happen.

On the slopes the Main Basin and Spring Run are officially open on the upper mountain, The Wall, Upper Mugs Alley mid-mountain and Old Mugs Alley on the Plateau (which is skiable from upper Mugs Alley using the Cliffhanger).

A 5 to 7minute walk is required from the Top of the Access Chair to the Cliffhanger, you need to unclip and walk over from the cafe to the Cliffy if lapping Old Mugs Alley. There is also sledging available outside the Plateau Cafe, use of the sledges is free.

Granular spring snow with bumps beginning to form in parts of the Main Basin, Island Rock Gully and the Haggis Trap are beginning to resemble shallow natural halfpipes. The Wall has the best cover mid-mountain, but there is a skiable route via Mugs Alley and Old Mugs Alley. However it is not suitable for green run skiers / boarders unless under instruction and the mountain is more suited to confident intermediates and above.
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