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Glencoe // Sunday 10th March 2019
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Clearer spell between showers at the Summit as dusk approached.

Dryslope at the base has a good covering and this enabled ski school to run some lessons on snow.

View from top of the Access early evening, heavily wind scoured on crests and exposed slopes but big drifting accumulations in gullies and leeward snowfields.

As good a glimpse as we could capture of the Main Basin and Happy Valley. Huge amount of drifting, going to be some freshies in some places.

Heavy drifting on the Plateau Poma run in a clearer spell between snow showers. Big drifts behind fence at top of chair, Rankins Return should be good.

Bottom of Plateau Poma this morning, it has snowed and blowed most of the day since.

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Snow has fallen most of the day with strong winds leading to significant drifting at all levels. After a brief lull this this morning winds abruptly increased with gusts to 70mph just above the Carpark by mid morning.

Radar data indicates 5-6" of new snow has fallen, but it will be anything but level! There should be some good stashes of fresh to play on Monday morning, but there will be big accumulations in gullies, leeward snowfields and suitably aligned fences and scoured open slopes.

However the full mountain vertical should be available without the wind issues of the past 2 days (unless forecast is really wrong) as a transient ridge of high pressure brings a relatively quieter day for Monday. Where groomed things will piste up into fantastic machine packed powder corduroy for the early birds.

Suspect from the drifting today that the Main Basin and Rankins Return could be amongst the picks, but the wind might shift things around again overnight! Given a stormy outlook, if you can find a way to get up Monday, then grab the opportunity!

Some people who got up the Access Chair did manage to ski to base this morning, with snow falling and blowing all day it should hopefully be less combat tomorrow. Maybe just maybe get Summit to Carpark riding Monday!
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