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Nevis Range // Monday 11th February 2019
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Rabbit Run, was nice when groomed but got a bit scrapped towards the end of the day.

Top of the Quad Chair.

With snow beginning to drift the burn gully was collecting loose snow and was the best line, but there is little depth so had a few holes to slalom!

Goose area has wide cover but it is generally lacking depth. Not good in light of the forecast.

Cloud beginning to come in ahead of approaching change of weather and temperature for the worse.

Goose Gully, bit mixed but once you'd done a couple of runs it was better as you knew where to go and where not to!

Unfortunately the Summit Tow was closed.

Looking down the Goose T-bar.

Top of the Rabbit Run on traverse over to the Goose T-bar.

Narrow but nice grippy groomed snow with some windblown fresh landing on top down Sidewinder.

Going up the Goose T-bar.

Alpha uptrack is well covered but Yockies run is narrow.

Decent number up with a mix of some half termers and local school groups. Only queue though was for the Linnhe as it was busy with ski school groups.

Linnhe open for access and beginners, plus small terrain park. Unfortunately cover thin and forecast warm.

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A decent Monday at Nevis Range, with a fair few people grabbing the opportunity to get a slide in before mild and damp Gale Force SW winds set in. Unfortunately the forecast outlook is about as bad as it can get at this time of year and we are looking at a similar sustained thaw like in 2012 that wiped out the skiable cover and left us with no lift served riding in the whole of March.

Hopefully it won't be quite as sustained a thaw as that, but certainly the combination of very mild temperatures, high winds and in the West drizzly murk means there will be a sustained thaw at all levels. Thus unfortunately what you see in these photos is likely to be historical info for the wrong reasons before the wind allows uplift.

With gusts to 60 to 70mph forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday uplift looks unlikely so certainly check the latest official reports before travelling.
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