pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 11th February 2019
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Carpark Run in good shape thanks to extensive snow making.

Some fresh tracks to be found after 2-3" fresh overnight.

Final run down the Traverse late afternoon.

West Wall Poma made it's season debut mid afternoon Monday.

Top Basin from the West Wall Poma.

Fresh tracks out towards the Fiacaill.

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Around 2 to 3 inches of fresh snow Sunday night into Monday morning to give a great Monday on CairnGorm and the West Wall Poma made it's season debut mid afternoon.

Top Station to Daylodge riding on offer with generally pretty decent surface conditions and some fresh tracks to be had, though some narrow heavy traffic areas did inevitably get some scrapped patches late on. Thanks to the extensive snow making on the lower Cas area the Carpark Run is in great shape, so easy return to Daylodge level which for the time being is the only catering on the mountain. (Ptarmigan Restaurant is being prepped for reopening, but at the moment only the toilets are open and strong winds are likely to prevent lift served access over the next few days).

The M2 is in fantastic shape entirely thanks to the new structural rail fencing which means it caught a lot of snow in wind that would more than likely blasted the snow straight through the old pailing fence. It does get a bit thin / narrow down OverYonder approaching the WWP, but it provides a much easier return to the Top Station via the WWP, than getting from the foot of the Daylodge Poma to the Carpark T-bar, then from the Carpark T-bar to the M1 Poma!

The Daylodge Poma run is in reasonable shape and though it is narrower lower down there is a decent depth along the fence line. The Poma is ready, but that looks to be a bit irrelevant given the forecast wind speeds and temperatures for the rest of the week! Had the weather continued like the past 2 days, we'd have seen the DLP/WWP provide a direct route to the top and the means of getting to the M1 Poma without a short walk (albeit indirectly). Coire Cas is still too narrow through the mid-section where the uptrack is being used as a run.

Sadly the photos are going to be historical information for the wrong reasons before the high winds which are forecast to affect the mountain from Tuesday ease up. Uplift is likely to be limited to the lower slopes at best over the next few days given Gale or Severe Gale Force SW winds, so we advise checking the latest uplift status in the morning before travelling.
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