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The Lecht // Thursday 4th April 2019
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Top of the Grouse, never saw the Buzzard side except from the road!

Heading off from the top of the Grouse Poma, Snowy Owl Chairlift down to open for Friday.

Grouse Poma back in action after around 40cm of level snow fell the previous night into Wednesday.

Looking over the Eagle and the traverses back to the Base Lodge.

Grouse Poma doing its thing.

If you feel like this is looking downhill it was that sort of day, but the photo is looking up the Eagle Poma!

On the steeper pitch of the Grouse looking over to the Chair.

Snowy Owl Run had been groomed before the overnight / morning snow so was a layer of fresh on underlaying corduroy! :)

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It wasn't really a day for photography, snow flurries fell much of the time, but the freezing level had crept up and the snow had a dampish texture. However it wasn't really sticky and was skiing quite fast when it felt like it shouldn't be, added to the exceptionally flat light despite it being dazzlingly bright at times made it a day of riding by touch. Particularly touching drifts, holes, bumps if you tried to venture outwith the groomed fence lines!

Over 40cm of snow fell from the early hours of Wednesday, but it has packed down a bit with a fluctuating freezing level. More or less full cover between the fences and extensive cover outwith them. Snowy Owl was the pick with a layer of hardly touched fresh over previously groomed corduroy.

Beginners area has fantastic cover, Robin and Wren runs now all full width, Wren has a good base of machine made snow underneath but across the rest of the hill it is baseless. Buzzard side looks to have caught the most, so it should be good if it opens at the weekend.

The Cairngorms were beginning to clear up as the sun went down on Thursday evening, so from the overhead perspective it looks as if Friday is the day for hitting CairnGorm and the Lecht. Milder air will spill round from the ENE into the weekend, causing damp rather driech / clagged in conditions in the East Highlands with the best of the overhead near the West Coast.

Harrier Poma has been stripped down for maintenance and will not operate until next season. Grouse, Eagle, Osprey Pomas, Snowy Owl Chair and Magic Carpets for Friday, possibly more at the weekend, will be confirmed Fri PM.
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