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Glencoe // Wednesday 17th April 2019
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Come snow sledging at Easter - still a long sledge park right outside the Plateau Cafe.

Main Basin T-bar doing it's thing, but only for a few more days! Don't miss out on a final slide this Easter!

Looking out over Rannoch Moor from Island Rock in the Main Basin.

Sledging fun outside the Plateau Cafe thanks to the snowfactory!

Plenty space in the Main Basin to lay out some big carves, freshly groomed this morning!

Sledging crash!

Looking down from the Main Basin T-bar.

Boarder heads into Island Rock Gully on the Main Basin.

Looking down the Spring Run, fantastic fast granular spring snow and mellow bumps.

Haggis Trap is slightly banked side to side, but flat through the normal dip still.

Main Basin freshly groomed in the morning loosening to spring snow.

Wall is best route down onto the Plateau, had great spring snow all afternoon. Canyon is mostly doable too.

Cut back out of the Spring Run towards the Rescue Shed, need to unclip to get back to the T-bar but well worth it.

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The clock is ticking on the 2019 season with probably just 5 more days of lift served snowsports for the Scottish Season with Glencoe the last man standing. The plan is to be open daily through and including Easter Monday, but already hundreds of tons of snow has been pushed out from old drifts to keep the full length of the T-bar running so it does look likely that Easter Monday will be closing day (weather permitting).

The cloud burnt off and the Sun gradually came out on Wednesday and we returned to fairly similar conditions to last week, good granular spring snow under largely sunny skies. That sets the scene for the remainder of the week and probably Saturday too, though there is a bit doubt about the forecast for Sunday and Monday at this stage. So if you can get up over the next few days then do it.

Very quiet for snowsports on Wednesday, so plenty of space to crank up some big turns on the top half of the Main Basin which stayed flat today with light traffic. Spring Run was great once the surface loosened as the temperature nudged up with just mellow bumps. Mid-mountain the Wall and Canyon are still seeing action, the Wall is officially open and is the best route down to the Plateau level now. The Wall is open and patrolled, but the Canyon is unpatrolled - there are some serious hazzards, so if in doubt stay clear but it was giving some fantastic fun riding in the afternoon.

Beyond the Spring Run there is deep cover still in the Flypaper Bowl, but the Flypaper is officially unpatrolled as it is not possible for ski patrol to get a sledge in / out, any mishaps would have serious consequences! You absolutely don't want to be in there when the snow is not perfect, so be sure to speak to patrol first and if in doubt don't!

At the other end of the spectrum, Old Mugs Alley provides areas for the Ski School to teach on and sledging outside the Plateau Cafe which is open daily weather permitting. There is no further charge for use of the sledges, just help yourself from the wooden bunker outside the front door of the cafe.

Its approximately a 7 minute walk over the Plateau to the Cafe and Cliffhanger Chair, but well worth the effort for some fantastic spring snow this afternoon in the Sun.
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