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Glencoe // Sunday 10th February 2019
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Plateau Poma run late afternoon.

Windblown fresh out on Rankins Return, with various possible routes in from the Cliffhanger.

Looking out over the moor from the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Mid mountain from the Plateau Cafe, Mugs Alley and the Wall are skiable, but the Wall Tow requires a lot more snow to drift in.

Looking up past the Glencoe Ski Club Hut from the Plateau Cafe.

Great sledging in the Plateau Cafe Sledge Park. Use of sledges is free from the wooden bunker.

Old Mugs Alley cover has improved through the roller coaster ride of Storm Erik.

Plateau Poma as a snow shower comes in during the afternoon.

Snow shower approaching, looking to where the Buachaille should be from top of the Poma.

Happy Valley narrows mostly filled well, couple of scraped bits late on that the machines will sort out.

Mid section of Happy Valley above the narrows.

Snow shower coming in at the top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Looking over to the new Kingshouse Hotel which has just opened.

Why the Coire Pollach Tow benefits everyone even if you don't go near it, the Plateau Poma was extremely busy on Sunday.

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The Main Basin T-bar made it's season debut on Sunday providing lift served access to the Main Basin and Happy Valley. Surface conditions are variable after such a mixed roller coaster of weather from Storm Eric, generally best on the groomers, but there are some nice pockets of windblown fresh snow too. Even some bumps beginning to form in the Main Basin in places by the end of play!

Most of Happy Valley has filled in pretty well and was giving a decent run, but there is one thin stretch in the narrows that requires a bit of caution and the odd scrapped patch late on which the machines will take care of for the morning.

Mid mountain the best run off the Cliffhanger Chair was to hold a high traverse from the corner of Mugs Alley to get the full length of Rankins Return.

Despite prolonged rainfall even the Plateau Runs have seen something of a net gain, with good width now on Old Mugs Alley and the Plateau Poma run has fewer narrow / thin bits. Rankins Return though is the best run back to the top of the Access Chair.

Going off the groomers it is very variable. A few people ventured to the Spring Run, but it really needs to fill out more for mere mortals!

A decent forecast for Monday, but thereafter it is a horror show for the rest of the week. If you are able to go for a slide on Monday, don't hesitate, don't think about, just grab the opportunity and play while you can!
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